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June 4-19, 2023

Be sure to register by 12pm on Saturday, June 3rd! 

Feeling a sense of purpose and meaning makes life so much sweeter. 

We get it, though. Life is busy and all of its demands can leave you feeling tired or uninspired. It becomes easy to live up in your head and neglect to spend time connecting to your heart.

However, love enhances everything you do. It brings softness to the hard moments, awakens compassion in the face of indifference, and it changes the way you view yourself and the world around you.

What you practice grows stronger. So, why not make love a practice?
There is actually a path of yoga that addresses matters of the heart! This path is called Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti is often referred to as the yoga of the heart. The literal translation of the word Bhakti is devotion. Bhakti Yoga invites you to practice love for love’s sake. 
We understand this can sound a little woo woo. Love isn’t always roses and butterflies. Sometimes your heart breaks. It can be easy to lose sight of compassion for yourself and others.

Fortunately, love isn’t meant to be perfect. It’s just meant to be practiced. 
This is why we are excited to offer The Heart of Yoga Series through the virtual studio. For two weeks, we will explore a practice centered on love and compassion through the lens of Bhakti Yoga.

Here's what the series entails:

  • Sunday, 6/4 at 10:30am**: Livestream series kickoff! Join us as we set the stage for the next two weeks. We'll tell the story of Hanuman and outline the practices of the series. (30 mins)

  • Creating an altar (sacred space) in your home that reflects your heart and the people/things that are meaningful to you.

  • Developing a 15 minute daily practice that incorporates mantra, meditation, and simple reflection through writing.

  • Emails to support and provide inspiration + interaction in the virtual studio community channel.

  • Monday, 6/19 at 5:30pm**: Livestream series conclusion. Join us as we discuss the experience of the past two weeks + how to maintain these practices moving forward. (20 mins)

       **The livestream sessions will be recorded, in the event that you cannot attend. 👍🏼​ 

How to join:

  • VIRTUAL STUDIO MEMBERS: This series is included in your membership. 🤗 Check your email for a link to sign up. If you can't find it, let us know​ and we'll forward it to you!

  • NOT A VIRTUAL STUDIO MEMBER? Click below to activate your virtual studio account (start w/a 10 day free trial if you're new!).This gives you the Heart of Yoga Series + unlimited access to our virtual studio. We host 8-9 livestream classes/week and have 200+ on-demand practices in the library to support your practice. There are no contracts, you can cancel at any time.

Be sure to register by 12pm on Saturday, June 3rd! 

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