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Empowerment Self Defense is more than learning how to defend yourself. It is about using self-defense movements to train your nervous system how to remain calm under pressure and generate more resilience. Empowerment Self Defense combines dynamic martial arts, controlled breath work, and meditation to help you self-regulate your flight-fight-freeze response. This one-of-a-kind method is accessible, safe, and powerful! 


Empowerment Self Defense involves Tai Chi drills, active striking techniques, standing grip work, and some ground defense. This practice will enhance your physical coordination and your ability to respond in a timely and proficient manner. You won’t just learn effective martial arts techniques; you will become more aware and capable in your own body.

Here are some other things to expect:

  • Nervous System Training

Creating a strong nervous system is essential for good health and managing stress. Empowerment Self Defense will teach you become more adaptable and balanced in challenging situations. You will learn to flow through playful reaction drills and slow your breathing in moments of intensity and fatigue. These training sessions will help you calm your mind and build more confidence in the way you feel in your body. 


  • Motor Skill Development

Our motor skills tend to break down over time from stress and the demands of life. Empowerment Self Defense will help you gain more versatility and strength in the way you move. Every practice involves a series of complex motion patterns to increase your physical dexterity. Move your body in ways that you have never experienced. Get ready to feel ALIVE in these dynamic and invigorating sessions!

A Message from Michael

“I have practiced martial arts for over 30 years. My approach to self-defense training focuses on your health and personal development. A life goal of mine has been to combine the healing elements of yoga with the empowering movements of self-defense. Martial arts is so much more than fighting, just like yoga is so much more than just stretching. 


My goal is to create an environment where you feel empowered to safely challenge the limits of your mind and body. Empowerment Self Defense is special. I am SO excited to share this with you!”


Private one-on-one Empowerment Self-Defense sessions with Michael. Each session is about 60-70 minutes long. I am currently working with participants that are at least 18 years old.



$340 for a 4-session package

$300 for a 4-session package (Virtual Studio member rate, please message for your discount code)



Midtown Sacramento: 2110 21st Street Sacramento CA 95818

Would you like to work together?

Please email me with your interest and questions ( I look forward to connecting with you. 🤗

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