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Yoga For Life 2021

YOGA FOR LIFE: 4 Week Program

Begins December 31st

Dive into the new-year with excitement and dedication! Create a positive impact in your life by committing to four consecutive weeks of consistent yoga, meditation, mindful eating, and journaling practices.


Join Tristina and Michael for weekly livestream sessions to learn about the deeper facets of yoga and connect with your yoga community!

Yoga is much broader than the poses.


Learn about the teachings of the practice and how we can apply this wisdom into our modern world. Discover how yoga can serve as a compass in your daily living and gain tools to make more purposeful choices around your thoughts, attitudes, and actions.

We all yearn to experience growth & evolution, but it takes dedication and discipline - that's not always easy! The only way to make sustainable changes in your body and life, is to develop a consistent, holistic practice - and stick with it.   


This is exactly why we offer our Yoga for Life (YFL) program every January. Hundreds of people have participated in YFL since we started it 10 years ago. It’s our most popular program!

I knew January was going to be a month full of challenges. YFL was my way of bringing a sense of order to the chaos. It’s turning out to be just what I needed to maintain my grounding during this trying time.

~ Jamie

This experience has filled me with energy, gratitude and curiosity for what will unfold in the future! The pace, the enthusiasm and the process is a safe and secure experience.

~ Kim

 I feel calmer, smoother and softer. I've enjoyed,  hearing others' experiences and, as always, the guidance and encouragement from Tristina and Michael has been invaluable. I love this community!

~ Julie


  • You’ll develop a consistent yoga and meditation practice: Over the course of 4-weeks, you’ll develop a consistent practice that will last, even after the program is over. No quick fixes, no gimmicks. 

  • You’ll nourish every aspect of yourself: Being healthy requires a holisitic approach. You’ll get healthy doses of movement, meditation, yoga philosophy, mindful eating, and writing practices.

  • You’ll connect with others who have similar goals: It’s easier to develop good habits with support + accountability. Dozens of others will be joining you and we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.


  • 5 Sunday livestream sessions led by Tristina & Michael. Each week, you’ll get an in-depth introduction to different yogic principles + practices. 

  • Unlimited access to the virtual studio: 8-9 regular livestream practices/week + over 200 on-demand practices

  • A YFL workbook filled with yoga philosophy, a log to track your practice, writing prompts, and encouragement for your 4 week journey

  • Weekly emails with helpful resources and messages to support your practice.

  • Connection with your yoga community in the Sunday sessions + the community section of the virtual studio. 


  • Attend the 5 Sunday livestream sessions (or watch the recordings!)

  • 5 yoga practices/week (you choose the length: from 10-90 minutes)

  • Regular meditation practice

  • Weekly writing prompts for self reflection

  • Mindful eating practices



We'll meet virtually for 30 minute sessions on the following Sundays at 10:30am PST:

  • December 31st

  • January 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th

These livestream sessions will be recorded, in the event that you cannot attend. 👍🏼


  • VIRTUAL STUDIO MEMBERS: you get to participate in YFL for free. 🤗

  • NOT A VIRTUAL STUDIO MEMBER? The cost is $69. This gives you the 4 week YFL program + a month of unlimited access to our virtual studio. We host 8-9 livestream classes/week & have 200+ on-demand practices in the library to support your practice.


  • VIRTUAL STUDIO MEMBERS: We've sent you an email with a link to sign up. If you can't find it, let us know and we'll forward it to you!

  • NOT A VIRTUAL STUDIO MEMBER? Just complete these two easy steps!

    1. CLICK HERE to activate your virtual studio account.

    2. ADD YOUR NAME to the list for Yoga for Life and we will send you everything you need before we begin.


Send us an email if you have any questions - we're here to support you!

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