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Hi! We are Michael Fong & Tristina Kennedy, the founders of Roots to Wings Yoga. Collectively, we have been teaching yoga full-time for almost 20 years. We are health and wellness educators in our Sacramento community and abroad.

Yes, we have done all of the wild things you might expect from dedicated yoga practitioners! We’ve studied with a guru at an ashram near the foot of the Himalayas in India. We have meditated for days on end with monks in monasteries. We’ve taken thousands of hours of trainings to diversify our knowledge.

Our approach to the practice is very unique. We blend traditional yoga and meditation techniques with modern science. Each class we teach is informed by functional anatomy, biomechanics, and an array of movement methodologies. We want you to move and feel well for many years to come.

Our method of yoga is sustainable, balanced, creative, and fun! The people who participate in our classes range from professional athletes in their 20s, to individuals with significant movement restrictions in their 80s. We know how to effectively tailor different styles of yoga to fit the needs of a very diverse audience.

We founded Roots to Wings Yoga from the strong desire to have a platform to share our teachings across the globe. We are an official Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance. Click here to see our school's profile and reviews. It is our great privilege to teach yoga all over the globe. We can’t wait to practice with you! Let’s grow together!






The Vision
Creating communities of likeminded people interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the many layers of yoga. Through various programs, trainings, and retreats, the aim is to provide a strong foundation in the function and application of the yoga practice (roots), while allowing you freedom to explore the world and integrate these teachings into your life (wings).

The Inspiration
Teaching yoga has revealed rewards beyond what could have been expected. We are compelled to have yoga be our life's work because this practice is so transformative. Teaching yoga enhances our determination to live this practice every single day. Roots to Wings Yoga is committed to teaching and serving communities with the same passion felt while on the mat. It is truly a gift to share this way of life with you! 

Check out our video below to learn more!



Tristina Kennedy
Michael Fong

I left the corporate world behind in 2010 to share my love of yoga with others. I teach a dynamic and creative style of movement that awakens strength and balance throughout the body and mind. My classes weave in the spiritual aspect of the practice through chanting, meditation, and insightful offerings on yogic philosophy.


I am deeply committed to my personal practice, which is the foundation of my teaching. I have studied various styles of yoga & meditation around the world with an array of respected teachers. My deep passion for travel is brought to others through annual retreats in international destinations. 

I have been a teacher and a trainer for over a decade. My passion is to study and teach the art and science of breath, movement, and stillness. I strive to create a space where students can experience themselves fully. I believe that yoga can help shift our consciousness to a place of true integration. It is my intention to share yoga with precision, creativity, and authenticity.


I thoroughly enjoy daily meditation, dynamic movement, and connecting with the community. You can spot me hanging out in my hometown of Sacramento California on my yoga mat or practicing martial arts. 

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