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July 10th - September 3rd, 2023
Join us for a yoga-filled summer of fun + win prizes!

Be sure to register by 12pm on Saturday, July 8th! 

Join us for 8 weeks of regular practice + special challenges where you can accrue extra points in the game. Remember when you were a kid & earned gold stars for doing good work? It's kind of like that.


When you say yes, we'll set you up with everything you need. You’ll receive a practice log, emails to keep you on track, and access to some pretty kickass prizes (our biggest prizes yet!). 


Whether you are at home or on the road this summer, our online classes can be practiced almost anywhere. You will find a variety of styles of practice that range from 5-90 minutes long. Let's be real, you have at least 5 minutes to do something healthy for yourself daily!


The Summer Yoga Games begin July 10th. Don't hesitate! Sign up now - like, right now 🤗. This is going to be fun! Your body and mind will thank you.


  • The Summer Yoga Games run from July 10th through September 3rd

  • Practice an average of 4x/week via the RTW virtual studio and/or RTW in-person classes

  • Earn bonus points by completing additional activities (like trying new styles of practice, posting in the community section, sharing on social media, etc.)​

  • Track your practices + bonus points in the Summer Yoga Games Scoreboard

  • Stay balanced by keeping variety in your practice! You’ll find a wide variety of practices in the library - ranging in both length & style.​


Everyone who earns the minimum number of points wins a FREE ROOTS TO WINGS T-SHIRT/TANK!

If you accrue enough bonus points, you'll also be entered to win the following prizes:

  • Three FREE months on the RTW virtual studio

  • One FREE month on the RTW virtual studio

  • One FREE private lesson (in-person or virtual)

  • One FREE 10 Class Pass for in-person yoga

  • A custom RTW mala from India


  • VIRTUAL STUDIO MEMBER? Participation in the Summer Yoga Games is free! 🤗 Check your email for a link to sign up. If you can't find it, let us know and we'll forward it to you!

  • NOT A VIRTUAL STUDIO MEMBER? You'll receive a special 30 day free trial (usually only 10 days). After your trial, the monthly rate is $69. This gives you unlimited access to our virtual studio. We regularly host 8-9 livestream classes/week & have 200+ on-demand practices in the library.
    There are no contracts, you can cancel at any time.

Click the button below to activate your virtual studio account. We'll send you all of the details you need to participate in the Summer Yoga Games on Sunday, July 9th.

Be sure to register by 12pm on Saturday, July 8th! 

If you have any questions, please let us know!

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