Addressing the Missing Links in School-Based Health & Wellness

Cumulative adversity and toxic stress weigh heavy on children and teachers in our school system. Education and skills regarding emotional well-being needs to be targeted, experienced, and evidence-based. 


No child or adult can truly thrive under mental distress and inner turbulence. Think about it! How many health and behavioral problems arise from adverse childhood experiences? 

We are here to help bridge the gap between emotional development and a flourishing educational environment! Our MBMC method helps at risk youth build self-awareness, improved decision-making, and resilience to face hardships.


We offer education and mentorship to restore the delicate relationship between the mind and body. Our skill-based approach uses a combination of practices like yoga and mindfulness to help kids feel centered and empowered to thrive.


Our goal is to also motivate educators to invest energy in their own self-care. We want to reinforce the link between teachers and students. Educators that participate in our sessions find common ground and stronger bonds with the children they teach. 


Movement, Breathing, Meditation, Communication

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The solution to mental angst starts with shifting the landscape within our bodies. We offer physical movements such as yoga postures and non-combative martial arts to release deep inner tension.


Movement creates autonomy. Our students learn how to mindfully respond to tangible stress, while developing the capacity to feel strong and adaptable. 



Our breath is the most powerful tool to manage feelings of anger, anxiousness, and sadness. It is common to put ourselves into a state of fight or flight by not breathing properly.


Through applying specific breathing techniques, participants learn to recruit their nostrils, diaphragm, and all of the accessory muscles for respiration. Functional breath work helps down regulate an overactive nervous system. 

Yoga at Home



Evidence-based studies show that meditation improves attention. Meditative awareness increases the ability to manage emotions effectively. Anyone can do it!


Meditation involves prolonged concentration on the breath, which builds patience and composure. A practice of focused stillness increases the ability to attune the mind to the present moment.



(be seen, be heard)

Communication is one of the primary ways we connect and understand the world around us. We use communication techniques to help students identify and articulate their inner experience.


"Talking things out" generates improved direction and mental clarity. Language gives us the ability to define our reality and the meaning attached to it. Communication in safe social settings is fundamental to human health. 


We tailor our program to meet the needs of your educational community 

MBMC Teenager Program:

This 6-10 week program teaches teenagers the essential skills of emotional regulation. It is proven that human beings can recover from overwhelming hardships through enhancing one's physical and mental awareness. 


How successful could at risk kids be if they just had the self-management tools to overcome past adversities?

Participants will practice movement drills and breathing exercises to increase bodily awareness and control. Students will experience mindfulness meditation and non-judgmental communication to emphasize concentration and and self-inquiry.

Educators are welcome to participate with the students in any of these sessions. 

MBMC Educators Workshops:

Teachers really benefit from self-care education. Our educator workshops provide a fun, interactive, and insightful experience that leave participants feeling relaxed and grounded. 

How much more attention and compassion could you give your students if you know how to control your stress levels? 


Participants will release tension through gentle yoga practices like accessible postures and breathing


My name is Michael Fong. 


I am the co-founder of Roots to Wings Yoga and began practicing yoga over 16 years ago. My teaching style consists of blending knowledge from both eastern and western modalities to offer the practice in a relevant and accessible way. 


I have spent that past decade leading yoga classes, teacher trainings, and retreats in Sacramento and all over the globe. My diverse education has involved a Bachelor’s degree at California State University Sacramento, yoga studies in ashrams, meditation studies in monasteries, and more!


My love of service for underprivileged youth and deep respect for teachers fuels my passion to share the MBMC method.



My name is Kim Hughes. 


I am a licensed clinical social worker and the Director of School Based Mental Health Services for Sierra Child and Family Services. I have been providing mental health services to high risk youth and their families since 1993.


I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Westfield State University and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from Boston College 1992.  

I approach all my work with a strong back and open heart. I want empower and celebrate the resiliency of young people. It is my honor to work with youth in their natural environments and help them recognize their potential to grow and become leaders.  


My name is Max Griffin. 


I am a professional mixed martial arts athlete and passionate community servant. My accomplishments and championships at the state level helped elevate me to the most prestigious martial arts organization in the world: the UFC.


My martial arts experience started when I was seven years old. It helped lay the foundation of who I am today. Martial Arts taught me about respect, non-harm, discipline, and honor.  


I use my platform to motivate and inspire individuals, especially underprivileged youth in the Sacramento area.


I use my personal story of hard work, determination, and passion to participate in school assemblies and community outreach programs.

My mission is to create a better future for generations to come.


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