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200 Hour Program, February - May 2018

Deepen your devotion & find freedom within!

This training is for the dedicated practitioner that wishes to start teaching yoga, as well as the student who would like to deepen their own knowledge and experience in the practice. Through three months of in-depth study, learn practical and creative yoga methodology to embody your practice and inspire others to do the same.

Key Components of Your Studies


Establishing Roots: Building a practice of devotion

Become firmly grounded into the teachings of yoga. Rooting into yoga requires consistent effort in aligning your life with the practice. Devote your time to learning the origins of yoga, functional anatomy, body alignment, and integrative yoga philosophy. Develop the discipline for a diligent ritual of asana, pranayama, and meditation. Transform your thoughts and actions to live in your highest form through a strong commitment to your practice.

Spreading Your Wings: Finding freedom through letting go

Devotion to yoga leads to the path of powerful acceptance. We can free ourselves from suffering through surrendering to the things that we cannot change. Radical acceptance invokes our deepest potential and unveils our true nature. Removing the roots of our suffering allows us to find the freedom to do positive actions in the world. When good space is created in our minds and bodies, we begin to live with more purpose and zeal. 

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Key Components of Teacher Training


Why Learn to Teach Yoga?

Learning to teach yoga is a powerful way to thoroughly understand the many facets of your practice. Teacher training is more than conducting a balanced and effective yoga class. It is about learning how to share yoga with others in all moments of daily living. This involves practicing non-harmful speech with your family, listening and not interrupting your co-workers, or simply making space to be fully present with those around you. Teaching yoga comes in all forms. It is up to you to determine how you will share your yoga – the possibilities are endless!

The Science & Art of Teaching

Skillful teaching requires a balance of precision and play. Gain the tools to execute a challenging, yet accessible yoga class for a diverse population. You will learn anatomy and energetics in an organized format to effectively adapt the practice to the needs of individuals. Leave this training with the grace to integrate your voice, creativity, and passion.

The Power of Devotion
Devotional acts like teaching yoga can create the space where the deepest form of connection can occur. Develop the transparency of truly being seen and heard by others and to how to hold a safe space for them to experience the same. When we are fully grounded and open within ourselves, there is no need to hide. This is why teaching yoga can create one of the greatest opportunities for personal growth and serving others.

The Curriculum

  • Clear system of how to cue poses

  • How to teach to varying levels of experience

  • The art of sequencing a purposeful and fun class

  • Yoga for contraindications, pregnancy, and injuries

  • Creating an experience with music and themes

  • Finding your voice and teaching from your own truth

  • Support through observation and practice teaching

  • Giving/receiving feedback

  • Business of yoga

  • Ethics of yoga

  • Art of Assisting Program

  • The history and origin of yoga

  • Yoga philosophy (the 8 Limb Path & Sutras)

  • Pranayama - yoga breathing and vital energy

  • Developing a consistent meditation practice

  • Functional anatomy and how it applies in yoga

  • Energetic systems of the body

  • Structural/energetic alignment of the asanas

  • Intuitive body reading

  • Establishing a home practice

Program Structure

We offer a weekend-based schedule that is quite accessible for the person with life’s responsibilities. Each weekend includes attendance in 2 public classes taught by us, followed by intensive study delving into the many layers of the practice. We hold only one local training each year, working with smaller groups so that you receive personalized attention and support. Attendance to all hours is required for graduation.

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Graduation Retreat

Celebrate your hard work with our three-day graduation retreat! This will be held at a surprise location for all participants in the program (within a few hours of Sacramento). After 3 committed months, we will get away to integrate/conclude all that you’ve learned and enjoy time with one another in nature. Delicious homemade vegetarian meals and accommodations are provided for you; just pack your bag and go! Please note you will be responsible for your own transportation.

Note from Tristina & Michael

We are proud to offer this powerful program in our hometown of Sacramento. It has been an honor to host and train students from around the world. Our teachings are a culmination of many years of study in various modalities. Committed to our studentship first and foremost, we train with respected teachers across the globe annually. This program encourages you to unlock their potential and connect with a beautiful community of like-minded people. Join us!

Learn more about us & Roots to Wings Yoga by clicking here


This program will be held at Yoga Shala Midtown (21st & H Street).

All sessions are Saturday/Sunday, with the exception of the retreat

Program Kickoff, 10am-4pm

  • February: 24-25

Extended Weekends, 10am-4pm & 6pm-9pm

  • March: 3-4, 10-11, 17-18, 24-25

  • April: 7-8

Regular Weekends, 10am-4pm

  • April: 14-15, 21-22, 28-29

  • May: 5-6, 12 (Mother's day off)

Graduation Retreat

  • May 18-20 (Friday morning through Sun afternoon)


Your tuition Includes the following:

  • All group training sessions and classes

  • Art of Assisting Program

  • Independent study assignments

  • Comprehensive 150+ page manual

  • 3-day graduation retreat 

  • Mentorship during/after the program


  • Investment: $3250

  • A payment plan is available. Please contact us through the button below for details.

In order to qualify for certification, you must attend the training in its entirety. Missing group sessions will compromise your ability to graduate, as hours are accounted to follow the Yoga Alliance guidelines. Please be sure you arrange your schedule to accommodate all of the program hours outlined above. 

Your non-refundable $800 deposit must be paid online at the time of your application and applies to your tuition. Remaining payments can be made online (with a 4% credit card fee added) or via check (preferred). 

Next Steps

Registration for the 2018 program is now closed. If you would like to be notified when the 2019 program details are released, please click the button below and send us a message!

We understand that this is a big commitment.

Please reach out if you have any questions or uncertainties; we are here to support you!

If not now, when?

If you are ready to begin this journey, 

submit your application now! 

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