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Join us for 14 days of bite-sized practices!

Be sure to register by 9am on Sunday, March 20th! 

We believe that daily practice provides the greatest benefits. However, fitting in a full 60–90-minute class can feel like a big commitment. The classes in the Movement Snack category on the Virtual Studio are a perfect way to jump start your daily practice!

These practices are short in duration - most are less than 20 minutes long! Movement Snacks are a more approachable option, especially when your time is limited.

Movement Snacks are also a great option to focus on exercising specific body parts. Because they have a targeted focus, each video is its own complete mini-practice. This category of the Virtual Studio emphasizes movements in areas of your body like your shoulders, spine, hips, wrists, ankles, and more!

We invite you to join us for the Movement Snack Challenge - commit to two weeks of daily practice that is accessible for your schedule. Take just 10-20 minutes a day to do something kind and beneficial to your body. In addition to all of the health benefits, you will also be placed into a raffle to win some cool prizes!

This 14-day practice challenge runs from Monday, March 21st through Sunday, April 3rd.


Here is what you need to do to participate:

  • Click the button below to register to join us - as a virtual studio member, there is no cost!

  • Track the Movement Snack practices that you do each day in your practice log.

  • Leave a comment on the video that you do each day. Share what you experienced or learned! Not only do we love hearing from you, but it’s also helpful for other students to be able to read others’ experiences of the practices.  

  • Stay balanced by doing a different Movement Snack each day – there are 33 in the library! You’ll find a combination of gentle and strong practices that target a variety of different body parts.

Prize Raffle
Everyone who completes all 14 days of the Movement Snack Practice Challenge will be entered into a raffle for some fun prizes! Here’s how to qualify for the raffle:

  • Send your completed practice log to us by 9am on Monday, April 4th to: with the subject line: "I finished the challenge!"

  • You will be entered to win the following prizes:

    • One FREE private lesson w/ Michael or Tristina (in-person or virtual)

    • One FREE month on the RTW virtual studio

    • A custom RTW mala from India

  • Winners of the Movement Snack Challenge prizes will be drawn & announced at the end our Energize Yoga class on Monday, April 4th. While attendance is not required to win, we'd love to see you & hear how the challenge went for you!

Click the link below to let us know that you'll be participating. We’ll send you the challenge calendar + additional details around participation by Sunday afternoon!

Be sure to register by 9am on Sunday, March 20th! 

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